Shop This Look: Eclectic Modern Living Room

I am really digging this Eclectic Modern living room I just created for our sister site The mid century modern chairs commonly known as the Papa Bear chair or Teddy bear chair are so comfortable you really [...]

Design Tip – How To Keep Taper Candles Straight

Your table is set for guests and at the last moment as you try to add the taper candles to your lovely new candlesticks they flop drunkenly over. No matter how many times you stubbornly [...]

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Blush Pink and Gray Color Inspiration Palette

This image of a sweater and button makes me feel all warm and cozy. It also inspired this color scheme of silvered cream, greige (gray beige), brown, blush pink and gray.

12 Chic Storage Baskets For Grown Ups

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get more organized which isn't easy with a baby and a toddler in addition to my husband and myself. I'm always amazed at how quickly our house [...]

Design Tip – Minimize Clutter

Let's be real for a minute, there's a seven letter word that is just as naughty as your favorite curse word. That word is CLUTTER! Nothing makes your home or closet look messier than being [...]

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Creating An Organized Pantry Cabinet With Tons of Storage

When we bought our house there was one space that was sadly lacking.... a kitchen pantry. Our original options for food storage were an awkward corner cabinet in the kitchen where you can't see 90% of [...]