Interior + 3D + Web + Graphic Design

Delivered with style to residential, commercial, restaurant, and hospitality clients in Fresno / Clovis California and beyond.

Julana Chambers Cribari

Principal, Design Style

Hello and welcome!  I’m Julana, the principal designer behind Design Style. I’m a California native and self-professed design geek.  Initially a programmer and accustomed to solving challenges by writing code and creating a more efficient way to accomplish a task, I soon recognized how much my design centric upbringing had instilled a deep love of the arts. This realization inspired my quest to combine technology with design, art and graphics.

Through course-work, study, many years of travel and experience collaborating with my well-known interior designer mother, I developed an inside working knowledge of the design field. Design Style was born of the desire to bring my special set of skills, art background, and design portfolio to my own brand.

I believe every design project has a unique personal style waiting to be brought to life. To me this is both the excitement and the challenge. The persona of a space is what guides and inspires me. Implementing the unique expression of each concept is my passion.

Please take a look some examples of my work and let me know if you too would like to take a journey through the dream center at Design Style.