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    Design Style.net is a blog from the designers and creatives at Chambers Design Company, an award winning interior design firm in California.  The site is the result of many happy hours perusing magazines, cruising internet sources and re-visiting interiors we created or that have inspired us.  Our favorite features and vignettes are shared with friends, fans, and clients through our blog.  We like to rally around good design with simple compelling ideas for improving our environment and creating a little magic, color and freedom of expression in our lives.  Sometimes, with a few tweaks a mundane corner can become a visual and tactile delight.  We hope you will share your insights with us too as we navigate a journey of discovery embracing the new, the comfortable, the time worn and true, the romantic, dramatic and the exotic.

    About Our Team:

    Becky's Favorite ThingsBecky Chambers is the Design Principal of our team.  Upon receiving a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design, she found she was drawn to iconic buildings and how people of different cultures lived.  Her post graduate studies included art history, anthropology, archaeology and textile design. She began by managing a modern home furnishings store and later went on to establish her own design company.  Becky brought adaptive planning to the design of interiors with specific innovations in custom furnishings, cabinetry and finishes.

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    Julana's Favorite ThingsJulana Chambers Cribari is our graphic designer, resident techie, and co-owner of Chambers Design Company.  She is the creative director behind DesignStyle.net which originated as an outlet for sharing decorating ideas and color palettes with like-minded individuals.  Julana believes there are many influences on one’s design sensibility.  Aesthetic judgment being rather personal, she would rather explore the emotional temperament of a concept than conform to rigid notions of refined taste.

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    Tara's Favorite Things

    Tara came naturally to the creative field having interned with an influential designer and worked in retail settings for home furnishings before joining our team.  Radiating tireless optimism she is usually found cheerily directing staff engaged in projects large and small, mentoring, sketching ideas, envisioning solutions and organizing the collective energy. Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design as well as an NCIDQ certification.

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    Julie's Favorite ThingsJulie Heaton, our AutoCAD goddess, can specify furniture with her eyes closed.  Her furniture expertise coupled with a keen artistic eye yields thoughtfully planned and inviting spaces. Julie’s dry wit keeps us laughing and we love the fun she brings to our environment.  Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design.

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    Whitney's Favorite ThingsWhitney Saubert has introduced us to some really great funky stuff, especially a yen to Upcycle ordinary products as she creates striking new design/utility.  Her unique outlook brings a vintage flavor to Modern spaces for a current and fun effect.  Whitney holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design.

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    Veronica's Favorite Things

    Veronica Colmenero is a serious veteran of speed surfing the web.  She is a pro at internet marketing and helps maximize information systems for the team at Chambers Design Company.  Veronica is just shy of achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems.

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    Feel free to contact us.  We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-536-8063 or by email at info@chambersdesignco.com

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