The Holidays Year Round


I realize it might be a little early to start thinking about decorating for the holiday’s, but it’s hard not to when you start seeing holiday décor out this early. I know a lot of you ba humbugs out there might be rolling your eyes while reading this but for those of you that count down the days for the holiday season to begin, I know you will appreciate some great ideas to help in your early holiday preparations.  Plus who’s to say you can’t use some of these ideas in your everyday decor.



House and Home

I love so many things about this photo: the contemporary take on a wreath by making it square and simple, the message board behind the bench for holiday cards or photos and the great use of a small space. Love it!!!


House Beautiful

This is a modern take on a traditional place setting. While still incorporating a traditional holiday color combination of red and green. With this type of combination why limit yourself to using this just once a year, you can easily use this year round or separate the pieces and create a completely different look.


Country Living

A galvanized bucket as a tree stand, great idea. Plus, you can use the bucket as décor in your home the rest of the year.


Country Living

A wreath is a classic holiday decoration that looks great not only on a front door but also hung on a piece of furniture with ribbon or in front of a mirror.


Southern Living

I love decorating with lanterns indoors and outdoors. You may already have lanterns you use in your everyday decor and by using a holiday candle in them with pine needles or by filling them with pine cones you can turn your lanterns into holiday decor.

I love all styles of design but I would say my personal design style would have to be Nantucket. I love the softness and serenity of the style. It has a feeling of warmth and comfort while still having a level of sophistication.
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