Butterfish Poke on Friant

A Fast Casual Restaurant

Branding & Interior Image

3D/2D Renderings & Video Animation

Space Planning, Elevations & Layouts

Color Palette Development

Finish Material Selection & Placement

Furniture Selection & Specification

Interior Architectural Detailing

Interior Casework Design

Lighting Design & Selection

Design conveying the fresh, healthy fare patrons will experience in this modern eatery.

Our goal was to maximize the benefit of a corner location with large spans of window glass and facilitate a comfortable dining experience in a natural bright atmosphere. We designed a signature divider wall detailed to separate the busy food service line from the seating area.

Renderings bring concepts to life. 

Color and materials, scale and proportion, placement and flow come to life before construction begins in renderings, envisioning what the materials will look like in proposed locations within the space.

Visualizing The Space Prior To Construction

3D visualization shows how design elements combine to create a cohesive presentation. This enables adjustments, should they be necessary, resulting in a cost saving benefit.

This tool conveys complex detailing to sales, construction and marketing teams. Clarification of this nature saves time and potential misinterpretation of key features.