Asian Inspired Red and Blue

 I have fallen in love with a great color combination: Chinese Red and Blue.  It's a surprising combination using these two bold colors, but I think it's a gorgeous blend.   Traditional dark lacquered furniture, hand painted porcelain vases, [...]

Fantasy Gardens

Fantasy gardens are dreams personified. Romantic by their very nature, for me they are principally country, informal, unstructured, and naturalistic, characterized by the prominence of stone paths, vintage accents and repurposed objects. I imagine meandering [...]

Decorating with Patterns

Are you looking for that extra punch in your home décor?  Incorporating an assortment of textures and patterns in your design gives a room dimension and interest.  Choose patterns and colors that complement each other.  [...]

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Shop This Look: Eclectic Living Room

Do you love to mix textures, patterns and styles?  Do you love to display artifacts and treasures from your travels?  Perhaps you like to encorporate several different design styles in your home.  In this case, an [...]

For The Birds: Modern Bird Feeders

This post is for the birds, well ok not really for the birds, but for those of your who want a great looking bird feeder in your garden. I have a strange little dilemma at [...]

Neo Design Art

Have you ever heard of home and personal accessories made from Neoprene? If you said no, you are in good company because neither had I. Neoprene is a special type of rubber with a smooth [...]