Julana Chambers Cribari

Interior + Web + Graphic Designer

I’m Julana, principal designer and owner of Design Style. I live in Fresno, California with my husband and our two adorable kiddos.

I have over 12 years experience working in the design industry though I like to joke that I was born clutching fabric samples. Throughout my childhood I shadowed my interior designer mother as she created awe inspiring spaces and some of my early toys did indeed include fabric and wallpaper samples, drafting pens and architectural scales.

After college I became part of Chambers Design Company, a commercial interior design and furniture dealership with projects throughout California. I absolutely loved my career and the stylish award winning interiors we created. I became a partner in the business and helped implement exciting new directions for a few years.

Fast forward to today and I’ve branched out on my own to create Design Style, a company that encompasses all aspects of design. From interior design to graphics, branding and web design; I’ve got you covered.

Let’s Work Together

When you work with me we take a journey together to identify the unique personality of your project and how best to articulate it visually.

Utilizing the latest design tools and programs I’ll bring your project to life in a way that helps you envision the end results.

Available Services:

Interior Design, Graphic Design, Website Design

Programs of Expertise:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Lightroom, AutoCAD, CSS, HTML, SketchUp, WordPress

Project Highlight

Butterfish Poke: Interiors, Graphics, and Website Designed by Julana Cribari