Yep, you heard that right…camouflage is popping up in the design world.  This military print is getting a new makeover and is being used in all sorts of inspiring ways including upholstery, artwork, wallpaper, lighting and furniture.  Stylized versions of this pattern can create drama and interest and are certainly causing a buzz.

I think the lighting option below from Zero is an creative and dazzling product, but I’m not sure I’ll be looking into a camo upholstered chair anytime soon.  However, to each his own!  What do you think, is there a future for camouflage, or should it try to fade into the background?


Camouflage Upholstery – House Beautiful


Andy Warhol Camouflage print – COCOCOZY


Camouflage Painted Walls – Lion Noir


Camouflage Wallpaper – HGTV


Camouflage Lamp – Zero


Mimetico Mosaic Tile – Bisazza