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I recently lost two amazing roommates to new lodgings, but to look at the glass half full, I have gained two new living areas.    I now have the pleasure of browsing the internet and catalogs to find the perfect pieces to fill the space.  This has motivated me to give the whole house a mini makeover, a journey I will share with you all along the way.  The first order of business: find a lamp for the living room where we have no light at all.  This seemingly simple task is complicated by the fact that there is no outlet remotely close to where my side table currently resides.  I like my side table just where it is, so what am I to do? While I was searching for lamps I ran across Modern Lantern, Modern Lantern offers cordless lighting solutions that put light exactly where it’s needed most in your home, and there are options that’ll fit most design styles.  How awesome is that?  I know, I was pretty excited too.

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Their lamps are battery operated and have about a twelve hour charge, which is absolutely perfect for me because we aren’t in the room that often.  To find out more visit Modern Lantern.


Indoor Cordless Lamp, Pyrus

Modern Lantern - Pyrus


Indoor Cordless Table Lamp, Graphite

Modern Lantern - Graphite


Indoor Cordless Buffet Lamp, Clove

Modern Lantern - Clove


Indoor Cordless Table Lamp, Luxe

Modern Lantern - Luxe


Indoor Cordless Table Lamp, Jade

Modern Lantern - Jade


Indoor Cordless Table Lamp, Hive

Modern Lantern - Hive

My design style is Contemporary.  I am drawn to the clean lines, smooth surfaces, and the up-to-date look.  It’s important for me to have a casual space that functions well and also has a current sense of style. As far as my personal life, I most enjoy spending time with my amazing son.  We play games, do crafts together, and love to go to the park.  There are so many special moments at his age and I love to share them with him.  When I have that rare “me time”, I like to catch up on my favorite shows, bake, and get a quick cat nap (don’t we all wish that?)
  • Stephen Fitzwater
    March 27, 2012

    Hey big thanks for the write up Veronica and please holler if we can answer any questions. We are a brand new start up and really appreciate the exposure!


    • Veronica
      March 27, 2012

      It’s my pleasure. Your cordless lamps are fabulous, I couldn’t wait to share them. Best of luck.


  • Gina
    March 27, 2012

    What? This is genius! Not at all what I would think of when cordless lamp comes to mind. I had no idea there were such attractive options out there.

  • Dora
    March 27, 2012

    I agree this is genius. No more cords and lighting where you need it and want it. Love it

  • Gretta
    March 27, 2012

    I appreciate the utility of this concept and 12 hours is pretty long. What’s the watts?

    • Veronica
      March 28, 2012

      Their lamps use a 12V low wattage LED bulb, that gives a nice warm glow and has equivalent output to a traditional 35W light bulb, but lasts over 30,000 hours in its lifetime and uses only 3.5 watts of power!

  • Ben
    March 27, 2012

    Great product! I never new they existed! So does the battery pack come out to charge or do you carry the lamp to a plug?

    • Veronica
      March 28, 2012

      Hi Ben, they compare it to charging the battery for your digital camera. So the battery pack comes out, and you replace it when it’s done charging. Which only takes about 2.5 hours.

  • Carrie Fitzwater
    March 28, 2012

    Veronica you are correct on all points! With a removable battery pack you can purchase an additional pack and use the lamp as often as you like.

  • Ben
    April 3, 2012


    Cool good to know!

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