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  • 05Mar

    Designer Camo

    Yep, you heard that right…camouflage is popping up in the design world.  This military print is getting a new makeover and is being used in all sorts of inspiring ways including upholstery, artwork, wallpaper, lighting and furniture.  Stylized versions of

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  • 24Jan

    Obsessed With Ombre

    The ombré effect is a trend you cannot ignore.  It’s a wonderful way to incorporate bold and muted tones of your favorite color in home decor and design.  The French word ombré is defined as colors or tones that shade into

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  • 26Dec

    Smooth Like Velvet

    I have found myself taking notice to velvet upholstered chairs and pillow lately.  This could be because velvet is on the trend alert this year and it’s making a name for itself!  It’s always been there, but now I feel

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  • 03Dec

    Tapestries in Translation

    A hot new trend is the use of tapestries or tapestry-inspired fabrics in home decor.   A mixture of modernized styles and colors is transforming the tapestry from its traditional design and giving the decorative treatment fresh appeal.  As tapestries were traditionally

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  • 21Aug

    Moroccan Flair

    I’m definitely intrigued by Moroccan-inspired designs.  Bright colors, warm textures, and geometric and traditional motifs provide a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.  It is the merging of comfort and luxury that attracts many people to this design style accompanied by Morocco’s

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  • 07Aug

    Color Block Trend

    Color blocking has made it big in the fashion industry, as and usual, has introduced itself into interior design with excitement.  Color blocking displays contrasting and bold mixes of color, and pattern takes a back seat to clean and solid

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  • 25Jul

    Drab or Fab: Sea Life Decor

    It’s summertime, so one can’t help but long for the beach and some cool breezes!  One popular trend that we’re seeing is the incorporation of sea life motifs and accessories in the home.  It’s light-hearted and whimsical and definitely helps

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  • 12Jul

    Drab or Fab: Accent Walls in Black

    Black may not be the first color you think of when you’re contemplating accent walls colors, but I think it definitely deserves some consideration in the right application.  Now, while most of us would worry about the space being too dark or

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  • 26Jun

    Bold and Graphic Wallpaper

    One thing is true in design, that trends come and go, and “what’s in” tends to repeat itself through history.  When it comes to wallpaper, graphic prints and bold colors are reintroducing themselves to recent design trends. I can remember the

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  • 14Jun

    Drab or Fab: Patchwork

    Patchwork originally was created by sewing small pieces of fabric together to form a larger piece.  Different colors and textures give patchwork a rustic and country feel, but the art has also become modernized with the use of current fabrics. 

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