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Creating A Spa Bathroom At Home


Design has been my occupation and “preoccupation” all of my adult life. So when it came time to redesign our master bath I visualized what I would enjoy most in the new space. There are many ways to build the perfect bathroom and I will admit that I discarded a few along the road to ...

Earth Fire Water


The best objects trigger a stream of subliminal memories with barely a nudge. I can feel the water cooling the pool more vividly for the blue bowls in this tropical setting. A wok fire pit carries hints of exotic Chinese terra cotta warriors. And my shoulders instantly drop a notch when I step ...

Fantasy Gardens


Fantasy gardens are dreams personified. Romantic by their very nature, for me they are principally country, informal, unstructured, and naturalistic, characterized by the prominence of stone paths, vintage accents and repurposed objects. I imagine meandering in search of whimsical treasures in these landscapes. I picture robust flowers, Beatrice Potter and picnics in ...

Modern Urban Rooftop Outdoor Living Room


Topiaries and classic modern furniture from Knoll Studio create the ultimate contemplative rooftop garden. Sand blasted brick contrasting with polished white marble against closely cropped lush green foliage beckons the sophisticated guest to relax and enjoy the hospitality. Compose your own edible cocktails. Accent the setting with a silver bowl of cherries, apricots or kumquats. ...

Easter Inspiration Palettes


Inspired by the holiday and this weeks' blogs; I decided to create some playful Easter Palettes.  Use your favorite as the foundation for your own holiday decor and tablescape.  We would love to see pictures of what you come up with!  Photo Credits: Martha Stewart, Ladies Home Journal   Photo Credits: Censational Girl, Martha Stewart, Remodelista   Photo Credits: Martha ...

Interior Paint Logic


Tantalizing color for your walls is so much more exciting than white or beige.  But choose wisely as you will want it to coordinate with your flooring, your counter tops and your furnishings.  A good rule of thumb is to choose a bold accent color if you don't have a lot of artwork and other ...

Milk Silk Organic Textiles On The Horizon


As a mother of four, I think about ways to provide the safest and most nurturing environment in our home.  Clean air, non-toxic materials and soft allergen-free fabrics are always on my radar.  When I heard of fabric made from, of all things, milk, I couldn’t imagine a better material for the eco-cocoon that our ...

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