6 Of Our Favorite Christmas Card Designs

Since my family is a bit behind the ball in getting our Christmas cards ordered and I'm trying to sort through all the fabulous designs; I thought I would share my favorites on the blog. My go to resource for printed holiday cards (birth announcements, invites, and more) is Minted.com {affiliate link}. Maybe its the designer in me, but I love that Minted is all about celebrating and promoting individual artists from around the globe. Plus, I just think the designs are uniquely beautiful and I am in love with the luxurious details such as foil embossing and letterpress. For many designs you choose from a flat or folded card, the shape of the card, colors, paper type, interior or back of card layout options and more! I really get excited about all the options and personal touches you can add to my cards.

So here goes... my 6 favorite Christmas card designs this year are:

Boxes Full Of Cheer Christmas Photo Cards


Classic Script Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards


Destination Luggage Tag Christmas Photo Cards


Mrs Lucas Christmas Photo Cards


Merry Ikat Letterpress Holiday Photo Cards


Stylish and Merry Christmas Photo Cards
6 Favorites For 2015 Christmas Cards

Colorful Front Doors

The other day my mom mentioned to me that she wanted to paint her front door (which is currently black) a different color. I love how she is always changing things up around her house and isn't afraid to try something bold. She's fearless! But what else would I expect of someone who has been a successful interior designer for over 35 years? I think colorful front doors are so cheerful and inviting so I'm excited to see what color she ends up selecting. While on the hunt for inspiration to share with her, I found tons of gorgeous colorful front doors and thought I would share them with you all as well. It seems like this is a popular trend right now!

Personalize Your Front Door With Paint Colors
This Old House

This minty blue door is so beautiful, especially with the backdrop of the crisp white moulding, the windows and the whitewashed siding.

Fabulous Front Doors
Interiors By Studio M

This grey blue is just gorgeous in my opinion. I love how sophisticated it looks with the bronze hardware and cool white color of the house. The black wrought iron railing looks great with the color and the green potted trees flanking the door give a nice touch.

My New Blue Front Door
On Sutton Place

Here's another great blue door and OH MY GOSH that wreath is STUNNING! I am suffering a major case of wreath envy and am going to have to see if I can make one like that for my door. Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a minute...

Anyway, back to doors.

Ten Best Front Door Colours For Your Home
Maria Killiam

I know one color she is considering is red, and I have to admit red doors are a great classic.

Instant Curb Appeal
One Kings Lane


Front Doors, Dark Bright or Light
It's Overflowing

These bright green doors are gorgeous.


New House Front Door
Stylish Patina

Everything about this one is stunning; the door, the architecture, the bike.

Canary Yellow Front-Doors

I love the cheerful look of a yellow door.

What do you guys think? Do you like colorful front doors or do you opt for more neutral colors?

For more colorful door inspiration, check out our board on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/designstyleblog/doors/

Spooktacular Halloween Tablescapes

I don't know how it happened but Halloween just creeped up on me this year. We just got back from Hawaii and though I'm already suffering island withdrawals its starting to feel like fall here at home and I just LOVE fall. Really who doesn't? The leaves falling and crunching underfoot as you take a leisurely stroll outside, enough chill in the air for a light sweater and a warm drink. Fall weather starts to show up around Halloween where I live so to me Halloween marks the start of fall.

To get into the spirit I've been hunting up Halloween tablescape ideas and I've found some great spooky spreads to share with you guys! I apologize in advance if any of you now need to sleep with the light on...

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party
Williams Sonoma blog


Fun Tablescape
Kate's Place


Bone Appetit Halloween Dinner Party
Hostess With The Mostess


Edgar Allan Poe themed dinner party
Smarty Had A Party


A Wicked Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
The Jungalow


Wicked Halloween Dinner Party
Celebrations At Home

Aren't these all just beautifully creepy? They really get the inspiration flowing for me. I think the one by The Jungalow is my favorite, of course, I will have to tone down the creep factor on my own Halloween tablescape because I don't want to give my two year old daughter nightmares, but I do think she would get a kick out of the creepy crawlies. I hope all of you have a happy, safe and fun Halloween!

We'll be back soon

Hi everyone! We are working on launching an exciting new project and need to take a break from the blog for a couple of weeks while we finish things up.   We can't wait to show you what we've been up to : ) Hold tight and we'll be back before you know it!

Stray Dog Designs

I've been searching the web and my favorite resources for the perfect piece to add to a nursery design I'm creating. The item needs to be somewhat playful and provide a pop pink color to the room. Sounds easy enough to find right? Unfortunately, it wasn't. While I found some possibilities, everything has fallen just short of the mark.... until now.

An image of a fabulous pink flower stool/accent table (on Houzz, love that site!) led me to a website called Stray Dog Designs. They have so many great designs and the pieces all come in a variety of colors. Now I just can't decide which of the MANY pieces on their site to incorporate into my design. While I decide, I thought I would share this fabulous find with you all.

Here are just a few of the fun and funky gems you'll find at Stray Dog Designs:


Pink Flower Stool/Accent Table by Stray Dog Designs
Pink Flower Stool/Accent Table by Stray Dog Designs


Bahaman Sea Blue Stump Stool/Accent Table by Stray Dog Designs
Bahaman Sea Blue Stump Stool/Accent Table by Stray Dog Designs
Green Paper Mache Bench By Stray Dog Designs
Green Paper Mache Bench By Stray Dog Designs


Chartreuse Paper Mache Tulip Table By Stray Dog Designs
Chartreuse Paper Mache Tulip Table By Stray Dog Designs



Jimmy Side Table By Stray Dog Designs
Jimmy Side Table By Stray Dog Designs


Pink Blum Wood Floor Lamp By Stray Dog Designs
Pink Blum Wood Floor Lamp By Stray Dog Designs


Pink Grady Floor Lamp By Stray Dog Designs
Pink Grady Floor Lamp By Stray Dog Designs


Pumpkin Blush Sue Wright Mirror By Stray Dog Designs
Pumpkin Blush Sue Wright Mirror By Stray Dog Designs


Aqua Ferdinand Paper Mache By Stray Dog Designs
Aqua Ferdinand Paper Mache By Stray Dog Designs


Monkeybiz Bead Project

My newest fab find is a company called Monkeybiz that creates beaded animals, dolls, coasters and artwork.  I am absolutely hooked on the adorable Monkeybiz beaded animals and think they would be perfect in a baby nursery or kids room.

The mission behind the company is truly uplifting and adds another great reason to buy their beautiful pieces.  The artists behind Monkeybiz products are women from Cape Town, South Africa with incredible talent and creativity.  These women live in an economically depressed area and have known poverty and deprivation throughout their lives.  The Monkeybiz bead project enables them to create these pieces in their homes, where they can earn an income while looking after their families and limiting the cost and time of transportation.

Check out some of their beaded animals for sale at ABC Home:

Beaded Animal from Monkeybiz

Beaded Animal from Monkeybiz

Beaded Penguin from Monkeybiz

Beaded Animal from Monkeybiz

Beaded Animal from Monkeybiz

For The Birds: Modern Bird Feeders

This post is for the birds, well ok not really for the birds, but for those of your who want a great looking bird feeder in your garden. I have a strange little dilemma at home, which actually prompted this search for a great looking bird feeder. As many of you know my dog Bella is a sweet natured American Mastiff who loves anything and everyone. Recently, the birds have taken notice that Bella does not mind their company and have taken to eating her dog food. It’s a regular bird bar and bird bathroom around Bella’s food dish and it is driving me nuts! Don’t get me wrong, I love birds, but having them all assembled around my dog’s food makes me nervous. My solution, which may or may not work, is to get a bird feeder to put ELSEWHERE in my yard, hopefully drawing them away from Bella’s food bowl. I have found some great looking options for my yard and thought I would share them with you.

What do you think?

Bird Cafe Feeder by Umbra
Pip pip bird feeder from Dwell
Bodego Tower Bird House by Greener Grass Design
Bird Feeder by Perch
Goldenrod Egg Bird Feeder by J Schatz
Blomus Nido Bird Feeder
Blomus Fuera Bird Feeder
Menu Barcelona Bird Feeder
Sunscreen Sunflower Feeder in Yellow by Joe Papendick
Cubist Modern Bird Feeder by Joe Papendick
Modern Handmade Bird Feeder by Studio Liscious
Mobile Bird Feeder by JSchatz

Neo Design Art

Have you ever heard of home and personal accessories made from Neoprene? If you said no, you are in good company because neither had I. Neoprene is a special type of rubber with a smooth texture and flexibility and is popular in automotive industries. It isn't exactly a material that you would imagine being used as a bowl for your coffee table or a fashionable handbag for your night on the town. A company called Neo, however, is doing just that. They create fun and funky bowls, cushions, hand bags and jewelry. I am so impressed by the unexpected use of this material and the modern and playful look of their products.

Check out some of their products:

Bowl from Neo Design Art
Bowl from Neo Design Art
Cushion from Neo Design Art
Cushion from Neo Design Art
Cushion from Neo Design Art
Handbag from Neo Design Art
Handbag from Neo Design Art

Check out more from Neo at their website: http://neodesignart.com

Poliform Closets

Like many in the design industry; I regularly imagine how I would design my own "dream home".  I visualize what it would look like, what design style it would be, what materials I would use, and what luxuries I would include.  I'd design a closet fit for a movie star and while in reality it may never happen, it is so fun to dream : ) This fabulous closet would come complete with nooks and cubbies aplenty for my shoes and purses, as well as a center island or sitting area. I have a folder on my computer with photos of droolworthy closets for inspiration.  On a recent business trip to the design showrooms in Dallas, Texas I saw some closet systems by Poliform that made my mouth water.  Available in a variety of finishes and confirgurations, any one of their product lines can be personalized to your style and needs.  I'll be adding these images to my inspiration folder so I thought I would share them with you all too.. What do you guys think? Are these closets gorgeous or what?

Ego by Poliform
Senzafine by Poliform
Ubik by Poliform
Senzafine by Poliform

LuLu DK Child

Recently I got an email with a clever subject line about a new collection from Schumacher for "the sophisticated child".  What?  A collection not just for children, but for sophisticated children? Interesting...The subject line worked and my interest was piqued enough to open the email.  I am so very glad I opened it; this collection, called LuLu DK | Child, is an absolutely charming assortment of fabrics for children.  I have a weakness for fabrics and these designs played right into it; as soon as I post this I'm going to order samples of every fabric design in the collection to add to our design library.  I can't wait to use them in a nursery or kids room design!

Here is just a sample of some of the fabrics in this collection:

LuLu: Love Pink Lemonade color
Love, LULU DK | Child
LuLu: Parade Multi color
Parade, LULU DK | Child
LuLu: Jungle Jubilee Blueberry color
Jungle Jubilee, LULU DK | Child
LuLu: Firecrackers Grass color
Firecrackers, LULU DK | Child
LuLu: Lollipop Punch color
Lollipop, LULU DK | Child

Designs For Doggies

This post is in honor of my dog Bella who turned 4 (in human years) on Sunday.  Bella is an American Mastiff and the most adorable, sweet natured dog.  She enjoys regular spoiling from my parents who call her their "granddogger", my in-laws, our friends, the vet, the groomer, buddies at the dog park and of course my husband and I.  One of Bella's favorite pastimes is napping and we like to provide her with a comfy spot of her own both inside and outside the house.  My dilemma has always been trying to find a dog bed that is both comfortable and attractive, not to mention extra large.  It is challenging to find something to fit those criteria and I always end up settling for the most plain, neutral patterned, giant dog bed I can find.  Well, apparently I don't have to settle anymore and neither do you! It seems the pet supply market has realized this problem and produced some stylish options for your canine family members, both large and small.

Here are some chic designs for doggies that are sure to please more than just your precious pooch:

Photo Credit: All Modern

Photo Credit: Frontgate

Photo Credit: Pet Lounge Studios

Photo Credit: Uttermost

Photo Credit: ModernistCat on Etsy

Photo Credit: All Modern

Photo Credit: PetModern

Photo Credit: PetModern

Photo Credit: Frontgate

Photo Credit: Vurv Design

Photo Credit: Frontgate

Photo Credit: Pet Modern

Photo Credit: Jax and Bones

Photo Credit: ModPet on Etsy

Photo Credit: Pet Modern

As requested; here is a picture of the birthday girl :)

Eggtastic Featured

Easter Egg-tastic Decorating

Easter is coming soon and I thought I would create a post about one of my favorite Easter traditions.... egg decorating!  If you're looking for some unique ideas for your Easter egg decorating this year; this post is for you.  Whether you are a fellow Easter egg decorator or not, I think you'll agree that the following egg creations are Egg-tastic!


Eggtastic 1
Marbelized Eggs via Martha Stewart


Eggtastic 2
Dye and Sticker Eggs via BHG


Eggtastic 3
Natural Dye Eggs via The Magic Onion


Eggtastic 4
Neon Dip-Dyed Eggs via Oh Joy


Eggtastic 5
Thread Wrapped Eggs via Martha Stewart


Eggtastic 6
Silhouette Eggs via Le Papier Studio


Eggtastic 7
Leafprint Eggs via Family Fun


Eggtastic 8
Chalkboard Eggs via Apartment Therapy


Eggtastic 9
Dot Design Eggs via Martha Stewart


Eggtastic 10
Origami Flower Eggs via BHG


Eggtastic 11
Dye-ving Dudes via Family Fun


Eggtastic 12
Rubberband Eggs via Nikki's Studio


Eggtastic 13
Speckled Eggs via Southern Living


Eggtastic 14
Spring Menagerie via Martha Stewart


Eggtastic 15
Pysanky Eggs via BHG

Alpaca Featured Image

Alicia Adams Alpaca

If you have never had the pleasure of owning an Alpaca wool product or seeing an Alpaca in person, you're missing out.  Alpaca's are small, cute animals in the South American camellia family.  I was first introduced to these creatures and the beautiful products made from their wool on a trip to South America during childhood.  I brought home some gorgeous scarves from that trip, but have since been bummed that I couldn't find a local resource for Alpaca products.

Enter Alicia Adams Alpaca...I had the good fortune the other day to stumble across this great find.  Alicia Adams Alpaca is a New York family business which designs and produces beautiful clothing and textiles from Alpaca Wool.  Alpaca wool is a luxuriously soft and rare natural material that comes from... you guessed it Alpacas.

Check out some of the beautiful items from their website:


Alpaca 1
Houndstooth Throw, Alicia Adams Alpaca


Alpaca 2
Chunky Throw, Alicia Adams Alpaca


Alpaca 3
Sail Throw, Alicia Adams Alpaca


Alpaca 4
Throws, Alicia Adams Alpaca


Alpaca 5
Hot Water Cover & Bottle, Alicia Adams Alpaca


Please note:  This is not a sponsored post; I just wanted to share a great find with you all!

Visit Alicia Adams Alpaca website

Recipe For Color: Blue and Orange

Pantone's color of the year for 2012, Tangerine Tango, inspired me to do a post on oranges hues.  I tend to like orange best as an accent rather than a wall color, so these color recipes utilize orange as such.  Pillows, accent furniture, accessories, art or even drapery are great opportunities to incorporate a pop of this fun color.  Whether subtle or dramatic; a little color in your interiors keeps things interesting.

One of my favorite color combinations is blue and orange.  This scheme can compliment a variety of interior design styles from modern to traditional.  Here are some color recipes to get your inspiration flowing:

RFC_BlueAndOrange1Room photo via Diane Bergeron


Room photo via Simplified Bee

Room photo via The Handmade Home

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Gallery Walls

I love art and am always on the lookout for new and clever ways to display it in a room.  For some time you may have noticed a trend picking up steam; art pieces grouped together on a wall in lieu of a single piece of art. These are known as gallery walls and I love the unique flavor they give to a room.  This method of displaying your art, pictures, or family photos, is a great way to express your personal style in a room. I've included some photos of gallery walls (below) that I found to be inspiring.

Also, if you plan on creating a gallery wall, you might find this post from House and Home helpful;  Gallery Walls: Actually Creating One 


Gallery Wall 1
Elle Decor
Gallery Wall 2
Jonathan Adler
Gallery Wall 3
Decor Pad
Gallery Wal 4
The Bottom Of The Ironing Basket
Gallery Wall 5
Scandinavian Retreat
Gallery Wall 6
The Inspired Room
Gallery Wall 7
Make It Do
Gallery Wall 8
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Gallery Wall 9
Elle Decor
GalleryWall 10
Ditte Isager
Gallery Wall 1q
Pottery Barn
Gallery Wall 12
House and Home
Gallery Walls 13
Gallery Walls 14
Elle Decor
Gallery Walls 16
Verdigris Vie
Gallery Walls 18
Apartment Therapy
Gallery Walls 19
Elle Decor
Gallery Walls 20
West Elm
Gallery Walls 21
A Cup Of Jo